We specialize on the wide range services and have the whole crew to help us to achieve the best results! Please give it a chance and we will surprise you with our professionalism and dedication.


Nothing and nobody can compare with 20 years of experience in photography and 5 years in Film and TV.

More over when photographer is a truly artist by heart and soul it is hard to turn him down.

Come and meet Stan, photographer who will shed a tear at wedding ceremony, who is a ghost at your event but a great coordinator and a leader when its time to shine!



Designing Albums

What can be truly memorable and valuable for many years to come? A Life Story in Pictures! In the busy and fast developing digital world hard copies and printed images becoming even more precious. We offer variety of designs and ideas for your album and work with your vision and purpose.

Here are occasions that you will order an Album for:

Past Memories
Love Story
Bride Boudoir
Baby’s first year
All Generations together
Best Life Memories

Custom Framing

We are very proud to have an ability to manipulate with more than 1500 types of framing! From Victorian to Modern! Great quality and exceptional wall designs and arrangements guaranteed. If you have prints already we can service you for framing and installing. If one of your walls in the house seemed too be boring, give us a call! Its free for our designer to come up and evaluate the style and book the photographer for customized project! Your house will have a unique décor and framed photography one of a kind! Either its a nature or modern and urban shots, black and white or colour are all will blend into your home and bring piece of Art to your souls!

Framing for business is another popular service that we do. Diplomas, certificates, family pictures, contemporary art for offices, spas, hotels,
Bars and restaurants are great areas to use high quality photography to attract clients or make them feel cozy or at home! Our business services have very high quality standards because we are business as well and know the drill!

Custom Prints

Presenting our high quality in-house printing! Sizes from 4x6 to 30x80 Matt and Glossy, Lusture, Metalic Other customized canvas, metal, acrylic and other fancy paper prints are available to order as well!

Edit and Retouching

Processing of our images based on our clientele requests and not on software availability! We ask for your vision and suggest our opinion. Edit and retouching are always discussed on our first meeting with client because it is extremely important element that will affect the style of photography way before the shots are taken.
Black and White photography usually dictates rather intimacy or calm paste of posing. Bright colors associated with energy and movement. Fine Art Photography will represent mystery and magic. And so on.

Stan has its own unique style that he carries through his work with care and respect. You may adore it or see it differently. We are open-minded and our experience taught us to adjust and deliver different styles according to a uniqueness of every project.