Portrait photo sessions

Ability to attract attention and earn recognition and acceptance is the uniqueness of the PORTRAIT photographs!
It must create beautiful, admirable image that draws the viewer into the scene. Despite its simplicity it is interesting because PORTRAIT tells us a hidden story without giving a lot of content.

PORTRAITS are giving us an opportunity to become a little closer to those who are far away or to those who are too famous! It brings a viewer into a state of interaction and dialogue on the level of intuition and emotion.

PORTRAIT photography widely used in many industries and peoples life’s. As a media at its highest development and booming it is used for way more purposes that it used to. Previously and classically it could be found in photo albums or post cards to be mailed to a relative, now in profile pictures of professional or social sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, Business cards and advertisings like Real State, Portfolios and Job Offers like acting, modeling and performing arts, personal use such as dating agencies and groups. Family Portraits such as finishing school, graduation albums, children's birthday - wonderful moments to capture photo portrait. And a list can go on!

Our in Studio sessions are professionally prepared and exceptionally executed with help of makeup artist, stylist, designer, wardrobe assistant, acting coach and on gong instructions from the photographer. The result - excellent stylish series of artistic photographs that attract attention.

We know your better side!