Love Story...

Love Story It is a story of your Love and Dreams in Pictures!

Love Story photo shoot scenario can be based on real events or be fictional, fantastic, detective, can be created based on your favorite movies, cartoons. There are three scenarios for the Love Story Photoshoot:

1. Reflection of your Past and Treasured moments.

2. Imaginary Dream World two lovers created to live in.

3. Written scenario as a Cut from the Movie.

All these incredible ideas are reflection of your relationship, celebrations, future plans and dreams! The Love Story should be close to you in spirit , style and interests. If you like to travel it should reflect in the photoshoot with the help of props such as suitcases, tickets or souvenirs of the favorite places! If you are a big fan of classic rock, our makeup and hair designer will help you turn into a Rock stars for a day! If you enjoy classic and romantic themes, set decorator takes its chance to shine with endless ideas of Victorian or Modern, Colorful or Pastel, Busy or Simple Designs. Love Story Photoshoot is also a great way to get outside and catch sunny days for an amazing romantic event! Walk in the park, coffee date at the local shop, snowball fight next to your house or surprise party inside of your house! Million great ideas! Our Film and TV background is a great base for some fairy tale creation! So get inspired and start writing your scenario!